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Wellness Newsletter #205

Celebrate the small wins. Small wins build momentum.

Posts from Happy Monday, and Happy Vesak to you! "Let us seize this moment of spiritual renewal, and honor Buddha’s wisdom by coming together as one, in solidarity, and shaping a better, more peaceful world for all people." ~ UN Secretary-General António Guterres I like to mix things up for breakfast. These are an option that the boys big and little ask for often. A big favorite Chez Brown! Moms are a source of strength for their families. Celebrate what you bring and give, each and every day. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well Blah blah blah plants plants blah blah plants. Plants blah blah plants. There, I know that is what I sound like, always going on about eating more plants, but it is definitely a diet that promotes health at all points of your life.

Be Active Best way to keep active on a regular basis? Develop the routine, make it a habit.

Let's move! 4 rounds of tabata. The moves are familiar, I promise. Just start your music and get ready to sweat. Spiritual Health Gratitude is not just a good-for-you thing, but it also helps others to feel more in tune with you. Mental & Emotional Health As we cannot let every emotion run (and ruin) our day, we need to be able to deal with each emotion in a healthy manner. Try one of these options. Social Health Sure, it FEELS like love, and all, but is it a healthy sort of relationship? Be your best, friends


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