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What is Parent Coaching?


Parent coaching is an incredible resource, and in today's world not everyone goes into parenthood knowing exactly how to get the results they want. During your coaching conversations, a Parent Coach helps you discover constructive ways to address family situations of concern or stress, assists you in identifying your goals, and helps you with designing action steps to attain them. A PCI Parent Coach encourages you to discover and address stresses and challenges that may be impacting you and your children, helping you evaluate the systems you have in place that are already supportive and then guiding you to tap into them more efficiently. You can expect to receive practical resources and relevant facts to re-define "problems," along with spontaneous ideas which often bring smooth "solutions." We all go through some type of challenge while raising kids. That's a given! But parenting issues are varied, and the reason for seeking coaching varies.

A parent coach can help by:

  • Acting as your sounding board and resource person for decisions that will greatly affect you and your child, such as work schedules, preschool options, teen angst, etc;

  • Easing the stress caused by the constant moving that Foreign Service life embraces;

  • Supporting you in your efforts and goals for self care; 

  • Helping moms and dads stay loving parents through a divorce;

  • Buoying single parents to help them thrive in chaotic times;

  • Guiding you to discover your strengths so that you may be an effective for your child;

  • Learning more about your individual parenting styles and how well your family’s strengths mesh to deal more effectively with your current parenting challenge; 

  • Providing specific principles and research-based effective methods for controlling and managing TV, video, video games, and media's influences;

  • Addressing sibling rivalry, discipline challenges, and peer-related issues so you get more breathing room; 

  • Helping overwhelmed new parents with all the changes a baby brings;

  • Supporting adoptive parents through the process;

  • Easing challenges for stepparents;

  • Assisting you with living your parenting priorities when there doesn’t seem to be enough time.


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