What is Healthy Expat Parent?


The Healthy Expat Parent is a resource for families and parents in transition. Some of the common issues all parents face can be amplified when a family moves overseas or returns "home" only to find that they don't fit in anymore. At HealthyExpatParent.com, moms and dads can get advice about all of the following and more:

  • Improving relations with child and/or coparent
  • Quality interactions with family
  • Wellness concepts
  • Healthy recipes
  • Bettering your self image as a parent
  • Help with temper or anger within family
  • Parenting style differences between coparents
  • School transfers and student issues
  • and a wide range of common international issues (e.g. cultural adjustments, homesickness, new-student syndrome)

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Susie is certified through The Parent Coaching Institute, whose graduates are dedicated to help parents focus on "amplifying the positive, appreciating the good, and valuing the possible in themselves and in their children."  http://www.thepci.org/findcoach/ug/brown-susie-csorsz