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Wellness Newsletter #234

"We feel like separate water droplets but we are also ocean." ~ Jane Hirshfield Posts from Happy Monday! Ever wonder where some of our American figures of speech come from? A perfectly tasty and quick lunch option that will keep tummies happy and filled. What's been happening on the Big Purple Blob? Check it out: The words that are the most meaningful (and possibly most important) can be the hardest to give. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well We do a lot of meatless meals here. If you need incentive to adopt a less-is-more diet, too, how about this: less meat in your diet is a good thing when it comes to cancer incidence. Be Active Do you HAVE to do cardio? Yes, you really should. But that doesn't mean you have to tie yourself to a treadmill. Let's move! This timer will bring your entire body into the workout. You’ll find sweaty cardio, and toning pyramids that hit your chest, core, and legs. You’ll do one side going up the pyramids, and the other on the way down. Shake things out with the cardio sections. It’s a great workout! Start your music! Spiritual Health This. 100%. Mental & Emotional Health Unfortunately, a negative body image is not just a female thing; it's a human thing. How can we help our view of our own body become healthier? Social Health Some relationships just FEEL easy and right. Others, well, not so much. We might all wish for the former, but you can't MAKE a relationship work if it just isn't going to. Be your best, friends


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