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Wellness Newsletter #216

It is so easy to just let people live. All you need to do is love yourself enough to not be threatened by other people's joy.

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Happy Monday! Looking for some levity? Possibly learning about some farm animals? If you haven't yet met Emmanuel, I think it's time I introduce you. New recipe: how do you jazz up ground chicken? This is an amazing starting point. Some weeks are harder than others. You've got this. You CAN do hard things.

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health Eat Well Eating to live instead of living to eat. Be Active An interesting look at hormonal fluctuations and injury which may shed light on injury prevention simply by tracking your menstrual cycle. Let's move! This timer is called 60/20/20/20 because you will do one interval of 60 seconds (more of a toning move) and then 3 bursts of cardio for 20 seconds. There are 6 groups of exercises and you'll repeat the whole thing. It's a toughie, but you'll definitely work your whole body with this one! Start your music! Spiritual Health Your values are like guidelines for your actions and life. Have you really thought about what your values might be, and perhaps how they might be changing as you shift through phases of life? Mental & Emotional Health There's a strong link between humor and happiness. And it's not just laughing at jokes. Social Health Yes, we all know friends are awesome. They are also good for your health. Read on for more reasons to be and have genuine good friends. Be your best, friends


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