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Wellness Newsletter #209

Kindness: Loaning someone your strength instead of reminding them of their weaknesses. Posts from Happy Monday! In light of longer days, possible campfires, how about a guide for telling those tall tales we all love to share around that flickering campfire? New recipe: There is a special place in heaven that smells like baking fruit crumble … imagine, that for breakfast, and all you have to do is slip a pan into an oven. A million different interactions, as your kids grow up, help them develop a healthy body image, a feat important for all genders. School’s out, let’s go play in the sun … but with sun smarts! Read on for fact versus fiction on sun protection. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well Maybe after you read this, you won't need me any longer. Still, I dare share this very good summary of nutrition and health advice. Be Active Yes, you can get a workout without doing a workout. How? By doing one of these activities. Let's move! HIIT is all good, sure, but sometimes you want to work on endurance. This workout is HVIT (high volume intensity training). The intervals are 1 minute long, and will incorporate slower movements at a slightly lower intensity (maybe 75%), working your endurance. 3 rounds of 10 exercises, and you'll hit every part of your body. Start your music! Spiritual Health Where is your focus?

Mental & Emotional Health How do we move out of that spinning free-fall that anxiety can bring and reset our minds, emotions and intentions? There are some practices that work. Social Health It's one thing to rely on your friends or to ask them for help every now and again; it's something else to take them for granted. How not to do that? Have a listen. Be your best, friends


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