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Wellness Newsletter #196

"Remember what it was to be me: that is always the point." ~ Joan Didion

Physical Health Eat Well I know that it can be fun to eat out, but if you are trying to eat healthfully, it can be challenging to make the most optimal food choices from a long menu. Here are some suggestions to help with that. Be Active You’ve added weight lifting to your exercise plan. You’ve been consistent. So when are you going to look ripped? Let's move! This is a pyramid timer. You’ll ‘climb’ 4 pyramids (3 cardio and one for abs). You’ll feel like you’ve almost conquered a mountain by the end of it! Start your music! Spiritual Health Hope helps. This was one of the best listens to help inspire more hope. Mental & Emotional Health Mental strength is a lot like physical strength: you have to keep working to build it, and just because you feel a big emotion or need help does not mean that it is 'gone'. How can we build our mental strength and how does that impact our mental health? Social Health Mean girls, unfortunately, don't always stop their tricks just because they have left high school. There is a good way to deal with mean girls, though, and it isn't just avoidance. Posts from Happy Monday! It's Pi Day! Yes! Happy Pi Day to you! And in honor of that, let's explore one of the greatest questions: does cheese belong in/on pie? New recipe: In honor of Pi day, sharing a beautiful Tomato Pie. Yes, tomato. Better than a quiche, tastier than pizza (ok, debatable), and Meatless Monday-friendly! What would you say to your younger self? Bet your kids would like to hear. Your kids and mental wellness. What is it and why is it important? Let's take a look. Be your best, friends


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