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Wellness Newsletter #192

"Learn who you are. Unlearn who they told you to be." ~S Mcnutt

Physical Health Eat Well Remember: food labels are created to sell the food. They don’t actually care if they run the risk of lying to you with false claims. Be Active Sure, yes, you can and should have regular exercise as part of your schedule. But there are other ways to incorporate being active in your day. Let's move! This timer is a tabata timer, so short intervals with hard work. 7 pairs of exercises, and you'll do each pair 4 times. This is a great whole-body workout. Start your music! Spiritual Health Glass half empty versus half full? It can make a difference in more than just your outlook. How to be more optimistic. Mental & Emotional Health Focusing on the important things helps you to get past the not-so-important things. Social Health What is the tone of your communication with your kids? I think this tool is a perfect way to refocus on positive commentary. This works with kids, sure, but also with communications with other key relationships. Posts from Happy Monday! Happy Valentine's day! My link for you today is a feel-good story about a woman, her dog, and neighborhood love. I feel like we make bowls for dinner often. First, endlessly adaptable, and second, completely customizable. This is one we make often. New post: Did you remember to give appreciation this Valentine's Day to yourself? #selfappreciation Be your best, friends


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