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"You're never going to climb anything great if you aren't going to take risks." ~ Jimmy Chin

Physical Health

Eat Well

Friends, I have a secret to tell you: 'salad' is not always synonymous with 'healthy.'  Why?  Because of the topping you are adding.


Be Active

It's not just about logging hours on the treadmill.  Really!


Let's move!

This workout is called 'Additives' because you will add together exercises to create one great fun exercise!  


You'll start with one exercise (30 seconds) and then another (30 seconds), and then a third (30 seconds), and then a fourth (30 seconds), and then put it all together (seconds).  Trust me, it is a lot easier than that sounds.  Have fun with it!

Spiritual Health

This is a skill set, dealing with the fatigue and draggy sense of tiredness that comes from stress.  How can we deal with it?  By developing skills for a fairly simple method for dealing with tiredness and stress mindfully. 

  1. Notice that you’re feeling this difficult emotion, and notice how it feels in your body. Bring a sense of curiosity to the sensations, just being present with them for a moment.

  2. Notice what thoughts you have in your head that are causing the emotion. For example, you might be thinking, “They shouldn’t treat me like that” or “Why does my job have to be so hard?” or “These people are stressing me out! Things should be more settled and orderly.” Or something like that. Just notice whatever thoughts you have. Maybe write them down.

  3. Notice that the thoughts are causing your difficulty. Not the situation — the thoughts. You might not believe that at first, but see if you can investigate whether that’s true.

  4. Ask yourself, “What would it be like if I didn’t have these thoughts right now? What would my experience be right now?” The simple answer is that you’re just having an experience — you have feelings in your body, but you also are experiencing a moment that has light, colors, sound, touch sensation on your skin, and so on. It’s just an experience, a moment in time, not good or bad.

  5. In fact, while this experience is neither good nor bad, you can start to appreciate it for what it is, without the thoughts. Just seeing it as a fresh experience, maybe even appreciating the beauty of the moment. Maybe even loving the moment just as it is.

Obviously some of these might take some practice. But it’s worth it, because while you might not be able to get rid of tiredness (some rest would help there), you can let go of the thoughts about the tiredness that are causing you to be unhappy. You might not be able to get rid of the loneliness, but you can let go of the downward spiral of thoughts and emotions that make the situation worse. And just maybe, you can find some incredible love for your experience in this moment. Yes, you feel tired, but you can love the tiredness, and everything else in this moment, without needing anything to change.

Mental & Emotional Health

Faster, smarter, quicker, ... and colder?  


Social Health

A big piece of being socially adept is the ability to listen.   https://cupofjo.com/2019/04/how-to-be-a-better-listener/ Posts from HealthyExpatParent.com/Facebook

Happy Monday! Once upon a time, we had Star Wars like creatures walking on this planet, too: behold the ancient walking whale.


New post: recipe. Cake! No, wait. Chocolate cake with frosting! 'nuf said.


New post: Healthy eating shouldn't be complicated but it feels like it is with all of these 'experts' giving all of this (mostly not applicable) advice.  The best advice: Focus on what works for you.  


Be your best, 


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