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#306 Be your best newsletter

Failure is just the universe telling you to try again.

Happy Monday! Science folks like myself may find the Periodic Table more fascinating than others. Here’s a version that will undoubtedly make you laugh and (maybe?) help you learn about at least one quality of each element. 

New recipe: It's hard to go wrong with roasted veggies. This dressing is awesome on anything, though. Hope you try it!

Check out my blog post.  Thinking about my mom.  

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health

Eat Well

Simple ways to honest-to-goodness improve your eating habits.

Be Active

Sometimes it feels like the hardest thing, to move more.  Here are some truly simple ways to do just that.

Let's move!

Cardio and abs super sets.  This is a whole body sweatfest!  Start your music!

Spiritual Health

Forest bathing is a thing, and its benefits can be profound.

Mental & Emotional Health

There exists a heavy burden when we look at body image, and societal acceptance (imagined or otherwise). 

Social Health

Fight fair to keep things working well in your marriage.

Be your best, friends


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