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“Mind is everything. Muscle, pieces of rubber. All that I am, I am because of my mind.”  ~ Paavo Nurmi  Physical Health We think the point of physical health is to stay at an ideal weight, correct?  Especially when one is trying to lose weight, this can be a really tricky number to identify.  Your body is amazing in so many ways, but in this case, it is important to highlight how much it will resist changing your 'set weight.'  It is not impossible to get past that point, which is important to know when one is trying to lose weight. Eat Well So you think you REALLY want that pizza?  Or doughnuts?  Or (insert favorite junk food here)?  Just take a whiff. And if that isn't enough to help encourage you to put down that piece of fried chicken, this one might.  (And yes, I am aware I keep saying 'all things in moderation' but it is important to which options might need to be less frequent in your food rotation. Be Active Want to know one of the most frustrating things when you're active?  Not seeing results.  I mean, you're doing the work, why are you not seeing any results already?!  Well, fact of the matter is your brilliant body is working against you every.step.of.the.way.  There are things you can do, though. Let's move!

This workout is is a combination of cardio, boxing moves and plank variations.  It's in an ABAB format; each set is 30 seconds on 15 seconds off. Spiritual Health A gift you can give yourself for your spiritual health is to add mediation to your day.  I know, I know, your day is full.  But 5 minutes?  You can do 5 minutes, right?  Try it for 2 weeks and see how you feel.  You may ask yourself, 'Why should I even bother?"  4 good reasons: 1 - To lower stress; 2 - To connect better to yourself, to others and to the environment around you; 3 - To improve your focus; and 4 - To reduce your brain chatter (Read: mind-wanderings).  How does one meditate?  You can do it anywhere, but a few simple instructions:  1) Watch your posture: Find a place to sit that feels calm and quiet to you. If you’re just beginning, it can help to choose a short time, such as five or 10 minutes. Is your body comfortable? You can sit in a chair with your feet on the floor, you can sit loosely cross-legged, you can kneel—all are fine. Just make sure you are stable and in a position you can stay in for a while. 2) Think about your breath. Follow the sensation of your breath as it goes in and as it goes out.  Really pay attention to it, and feel it going in and out. 3) Notice when your mind has wandered. Inevitably, your attention will leave the breath and wander to other places. When you get around to noticing that your mind has wandered—in a few seconds, a minute, five minutes—simply return your attention to the breath. 4) Finally, be kind to your wandering mind. Don’t judge yourself or obsess over the content of the thoughts you find yourself lost in. Just come back.   It might be helpful to set music or sounds that you like, and a timer, and ... just gift yourself that time to just be. Mental & Emotional Health While this may seem like it should be under 'physical health' I think it's amazing to think that your mind is actually the part of your body that can help push you the farthest. Social Health Toxic people.  You know they are out there.  They do not, however, have to negatively impact you.  Keep them in their proper place. Posts from You can actually outsmart some of the tricks industry has developed to keep you and your kids hooked to your devices. Yep. 100%. And we just started this 'parenting teens' schtick. I feel like we have a long way to go... Most days, it doesn't seem that hard. Other days, I feel like nothing I say or do is right. Happy Monday! We love to travel and wander the world, but sometimes it can't happen. Work, school or life obligations keep you home. Well, thanks to GoogleMaps, you can still explore the world, right from the comfort of your living room. One can see the positive parts of any situation with a little practice. And no, you aren't going to go around sounding like Pollyanna. Finding your glass half full most of the time is better for you - physically, mentally and spiritually. And, honestly, probably socially, too. New post: Pinwheel cookies are a bit more work than, say, chocolate chip, but they are a worthwhile investment of your time!  So cute, and so tasty! New post: Be happy with your own piece of yard.  It's a pretty great yard, you know. Be your best, friends s

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