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"People often say that motivation does not last.  Well, neither does bathing.  That's why we recommend it to be done daily." Physical Health As we get older, we get smarter.  As we get older, we get more savvy.  We tend to be more successful, satisfied with our lives, and have better self-esteem.  The one bad thing: As we get older, unfortunately our metabolisms slow down.  We can do something about that last one, though. Eat Well

I love science, but it makes some topics way too complicated for a normal person to make realistic decisions. Here’s what you need to know: 75-80% of the sodium you eat comes from processed foods. Processed foods are bad for you for a zillion reasons. Avoid processed foods and cook for yourself, and you can use as much salt as you need to make your food taste good. Be Active

One thing we do is get around (in a good way).  Keeping active while one the go can take a little bit of advanced planning, but with the right gear, it won't be such an obstacle that you end up opting out. Let's move! Three rounds of cardio and toning.  8 moves, one minute each for three rounds.  You can use light weights during most intervals as you see fit.  Remember that form is more important than using heavier weights.   A couple descriptions: Plank to down dog knee tuck - From a high plank, push your hips back and up to down dog.  Your weight should be evenly distributed between your hands and feet.  Draw forward again into a plank, bringing one of your knees into your chest.  Push back into down dog.  Again, into plank with the other knee.  Continue, alternating knees.

Chest press + Military press - keep your elbows at shoulder level even during the chest press.  For the chest press, 'cactus' your arms, and press your elbows together in front of your face.  Return them to 'cactus' and press them up above your head.  Repeat.

Squat sweep - Sit back into a squat.  While at the bottom of the squat, sweep one arm out to the side, and then across the floor (touching the floor; and keep it low in your butt in order to be able to reach the ground, do not lean forward).  Stand up, repeat on the other side.

Overhead drawbridge - lie on your back and lift your hips into a bridge.  Holding the weight (s) in your hands, extend your arms over your head, keeping your elbows close to your ears.  Arc your arms to your hips.  The whole time, keep your hips actively pressed up, heels pressing into the ground.

Squat Single Arm Press ( Hold) - Holding one weight in your left hand, keep it in the 'curl' position, but with your elbow away from your hip.  With the other arm, hold the weight at your shoulder.  Keeping your feet shoulder width apart, squat down.  As you stand, extend your right arm up into a press.  Continue to squat and press for 30 seconds.  At the 30 seconds mark, switch arms.

Three-way Ab Tuck Crunch  - Put your weights out in front of you, roughly hip width apart (maybe beside your calves).  Sit on your tail bone, leaning back on your arms.  Lift and bend your knees into a tuck.  Using your abs, push your feet to the left of the left weight.  Pull them back into your tuck.  Push them into the middle of your weights.  Pull them back.  Push them to the right of your weights.  Pull them back.  Continue in that pattern for the minute.  If you get tired, hold boat pose.

One-arm Burpee Deadlift - holding one weight in your hand, drop down into a squat thrust, jump back into a squat.  Pull the weight up, using the strength of your glutes into a deadlift.  Repeat for 30 seconds on one side, and then switch hands for the last 30 seconds.  If you are feeling strong, complete the full minute with weights in both hands.

Side Tuck Dip - Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, holding one weight in one hand.  Keep the weight by your side.  Slowly lower the weight down your side/leg, and use your opposite obliques to pull you back into standing position.  Continue for 30 seconds on one side, and then switch at the halfway mark. Spiritual Health How do we not go down that path?  How do we keep that evil green-eyed monster at bay? Mental & Emotional Health I added this link to the end of one of my recent posts about finding your happiness because finding what really brings you that inner contentment is really, really important.  And there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Social Health We love our husbands, even when they are clueless. Posts from FB/Blog

Yes, yes, and yes.

Is it just me or does the Mean girl thing get tiresome? As a teenager, as a college student, as an adult, as a mom... I'm tired of it. On one hand, makes me so very glad I do not have girls (because typically boys just get over their issues with a few punches and they are buddies again); on the other, mean girls make class and school cohesiveness such a difficult thing to achieve. Every student feels their meanness, not just the targets of their snarky comments and actions. Mean girls, get over yourself!

Happy Monday! Today a thought about schools, specifically boys in schools. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, right? So clearly, we need to have different styles of education to meet the needs of our two different groups.

New post: This week's recipe is a muffin/scone combination that will make your kitchen smell divine, and your kiddos happy.  

New post: As we continue our month-long dive into the different parts of wellness, what little things you can do for you, and for your family, this week I look at mental and emotional wellness.

Be your best, friends, 


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