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"Think that you can, decide that you will"

Physical Health

Eat Well

Make smart food-related resolutions for the new year ... and they will stick!

Be Active

This is not really new and amazing information, but it is always nice to have a reason to recommit to our exercise goals, right?  Exercise keeps you young, especially your cardiovascular system.

Let's move!

This workout is one where you can do the moves as they are, just cardio, or you can add weights.  You can even use cans of whatever or water bottles as your weights.  If you are incorporating them, use the weights that you can do the moves with proper form; form is more important than speed.

You'll do each move twice, so do one set with one side, and the second with the other.  

The only moves that might be a little hard to figure out is the skate pick-up: put your weights roughly an arm's width apart and stand behind them.  You'll skate to one side, land on one foot, and then do a one-legged squat to pick up the weight, skate back with the weight.  Skate again, and squat to put down the weight.  Easier version would be to turn the weight on its end so you don't have to squat down as far to pick it up, or do the move with no weights.

Lady liberty jumps are a narrow squat and then holding the weight in one hand, extend your weight-bearing hand over your head and jump up.  

Soup can halos are a move for your back.  Lie on your stomach, with your arms extended over your head.  If you are using weights, use very light weights.  Peel up your upper body, like you are peeling off the top of a can.  Sweep your arms along the floor as you lift your upper body, until your hands are over your butt.  Rotate your thumbs up and in (palms facing out) to hit the muscles in your upper arms as you sweep them.  Roll your body back down, sweeping your arms back to above your head, again rotating your thumbs to their original place.  Repeat.

Spiritual Health

Stop spending your time (and energy) on what you think might be another’s opinion of you. Focus instead on what positive things you can make happen for yourself.

Mental & Emotional Health

Peace of mind, and all that jazz... all through your breathing.  Science finally can show that your breath - and how you take those breaths - is tied to your mental well-being. 

Social Health

So 'happily ever after' really does exist ... you just have to put some effort into it. Posts from FB/Blog

Happy Monday! And Happy Christmas Eve! Perhaps you celebrate the season with some family traditions Here are a few from around the world.

New post: Find your glee.

Be your best, friends


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