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If we wasted money the way we waste time, we’d all be bankrupt.

Physical Health Eat Well A very easy, completely inexpensive thing you can do for your health: drink more water. Yes, it really is that easy. Be Active Rest days are not ‘off’ days. They are important. Let's move! We have three blocks of moves with a yoga 'break' in between each block. Start your music! Spiritual Health Can you easily identify your values? List them off? If you can't, that's normal. But that may be a place to put some energy. Mental & Emotional Health A list of habits that are often noted in mentally tough individuals. You, too, can be tough. Social Health 'Attractiveness' is not something you can define by how someone looks. It is a lot more than that. Posts from Excellent advise for all of us, parents and all. Just take your time. Happy Monday! When is a rat a good thing? When it is Magawa, and he is amazing.

New recipe: A dip that is packed with protein, flavor and will get your kids to eat veggies? And doubles as a sauce over pretty much any bowl/protein/veg? Sold! New post: Every day, every interaction, parenting is all about your kids. The things we do as parents to ensure our kids' happiness ... never did we imagine what those things might be, right? Be your best, friends s

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Jan 19, 2021

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