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My love language is when people's actions match their words. Physical Health Eat Well Here’s a good reason to try new foods: it is actually good for you. https://www.shape.com/healthy-eating/diet-tips/picky-eater-benefits-of-new-foods? Be Active Abs, shmabs.  I know, you really want that chiseled, sleek core, but sit-ups can only do so much for you. https://www.shape.com/fitness/workouts/ab-workouts/do-ab-workouts-really-work And another link for you because today’s normal includes a lot of mask wearing.  And exercising outside with a mask on is, honestly, not a lot of fun.  So, what’s the best way to do this? https://www.self.com/story/exercising-in-a-mask-outside? Let's move! A workout of sets of varying lengths.  You won't know what is coming next!  Start your music! http://www.intervaltimer.com/timers/8689339 Spiritual Health “Spirituality is not a religion. Being spiritual just means you are in touch with your own Divine self”. ~ Anna Pereira Mental & Emotional Health Mental fatigue is a very real handicap.   https://www.outsideonline.com/2324771/heres-why-tired-brain-slows-you-down-mental-fatigue Social Health

You messed up.  Do you feel ready to genuinely apologize? https://www.thecut.com/article/how-to-accept-an-apology.html Posts from HealthyExpatParent.com/Facebook Happy Monday!  Hope you had a good weekend.  🙂 Today I have for you some comic relief in the form of amazing photography.  I think you’ll appreciate; I’m not sure which is my favorite.  Maybe the greedy puffin?  Which one do you like best?  https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/gallery/2020/sep/11/comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-2020-finalists-in-pictures New post: A super easy, but wow-so-tasty cookie with a super secret ingredient.  It is probably my family’s favorite ... at least right now. https://www.heprecipe.com/post/coooookieeee New post: Why is my space no longer mine?  I am a strong female; I do not need to hear catcalls to know that.  My body, my space, and it doesn't matter what I wear or what I am doing. https://www.healthyexpatparent.com/post/femin-isn-t

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Fail big. Fall forward. Don’t confuse movement with progress. Physical Health Eat Well It can be hard to know what to believe when it comes to eating well. Social media is FULL of 'new' theories


The body adapts to the stimulus we give it. Physical Health Eat Well Eating right before going to bed is not a good choice, sez the experts that be. But, wait, is it better to go to bed with a gro


Good ideas don't care where they come from. ~ Leo Burnett Physical Health Eat Well Those of us who are fish lovers, this is great news. Those of you who are not as happy with fish on your plate, p

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Susie is certified through The Parent Coaching Institute, whose graduates are dedicated to help parents focus on "amplifying the positive, appreciating the good, and valuing the possible in themselves and in their children."  http://www.thepci.org/findcoach/ug/brown-susie-csorsz