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“You will manage to keep a person in love with you, only for as long as you can keep that person in love with the person they become when they are with you.” ~ C. JoyBell C

Physical Health Eat Well Caloric consumption equations are almost as confusing as spf calculations.  But if you are trying to lose or maintain weight, it's a good idea to know how much should be on your plate. Be Active Walking is an amazing workout.  Just hit all of the needed points to get the most out of it. Let's move! 5 rounds of 45-second long sets.  Start your music! Spiritual Health I get it: 'mindfulness' is starting to be a jaded, over-used and still-rather-vague sort of a word.  Meditating is weird.  I get it.  Nonetheless, I bet if you tried it, you might like it. Mental & Emotional Health Mental fatigue is not just wearing on your brain but also your physical well-being. Social Health You know you SHOULD and COULD do something.  But will you? Posts from I love this video.  It helps me to realize that the best part about this parenting schtick is that every single person rocks it in their own way. Happy Monday!  Hope you are all keeping well and happy.  Here’s my link for you: lego challenges.  I know, I know, you’re thinking ‘Really?  LEGO?’  But it this is fun for the whole family, and you’ll be surprised how challenging it can be. Do your green beans a big favor and roast them with this dressing. Your dinner plate will thank you. Good and bad impacts from this pandemic, this year, this experience for our kids.  I think one could argue that the same could be said for big people, too. For teen girls, sure.  Words to live by as a mom.  I dare say for teen boys, too, though. New post: New post, new place, new community.  Again. Be your best, friends S

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