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Wellness Newsletter #203

Do you want to talk about it or be distracted from it? Posts from I've been quietly celebrating the environment this month, in honor of Earth Day. One more gift for you: listen to the trees. Happy Monday! Here's a bit of a longer read, but something you might have wondered about: those vending machines you see. Yes, it is actually a business. New recipe: Take cheese. Melt cheese. Eat. Repeat. Happy Mother's Day! Links to the recent episodes of The Big Purple Blob: In episode 53, our fantastic guest explains what life looks like, the challenges faced, and how to build community as an LGBTQI+ person in the FS. link:

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep how many sheep must you count to fall asleep? If it's a lot, listen to episode 54 as Susie interviews Sleep and Postpartum Coach Ingrid Hanifen. Link: How to Raise an Adult is a must-read for parents! You can find out why in episode 56. Parent Coaches Susie and Sharoya discuss key parenting nuggets found in this book. link:

Do you know how to empower your child to deal with bullying? Our social-emotional experts, Katie and Jennie, share some tips in episode 57. Link:

Could you & your family survive an accompanied tour? In episode 58, Katie and Susie discuss the real-life ups and downs of life when your partner is taking an unaccompanied tour. Link: Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well Digestively speaking, men tend to be much less in-tune with their bodies than women. Let's accept that it's okay to need help for GI issues. Be Active Being active, being regularly engaged in physical exercise, is not just about doing that one exercise. It's about a lot more than that, and can benefit your whole well-being. Let's move! Pairs of exercises will make this tabata workout feel like a lot more fun. Well, okay, not fun, but doable. You can do this! Start your music! Spiritual Health Habits exist, sure, because we are creatures of habit and we like repetition. You can, though, add mindfulness elements to your habits, making them more positive experiences. Mental & Emotional Health Why are we so spiteful? It isn't as though it is making us feel any better. Social Health So social media is nor only amplifying our feelings of envy and poor self-worth, it is also reducing our ability to have a normal conversation and exaggerating our outrage. Huh. Be your best, friends


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