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  • Susie Csorsz Brown

Wellness Newsletter #177

"Every breath is an opportunity to let love in." ~ Joel Leon Physical Health Eat Well Eating less, sure, but also adding more movement to lose weight. Also important? Behavior change: paying closer attention to what and when you are eating. Be Active What is stamina and what does it have to do with your exercise regimen? Let's move! I just did the first workout listed here, and yes, it is definitely challenging! Try it yourself! Spiritual Health A bit of self-compassion can go a long long way. Mental & Emotional Health Compelling results from multiple studies showing the same thing: living in a greener environment helps people to feel more emotionally well. Plant a tree, my friends. Better, plant many of them.

Social Health Your primary partner is a VIP. Focus on building these pillars for a successful relationship. Posts from Happy Monday! Happy November! Today's link for you is a gift that keeps giving. Have you heard of a Happiness calendar? Indeed, activities or thoughts for every day of the month that will bring more happiness to you and yours. New recipe: Mediterranean shrimp that you can make quick as a flash. I (we!) love a good shrimp dish. What's been happening on The Big Purple Blob? Here are the links for the most recent podcasts: TCKs Thriving EFMs Pursuing Your Passions Medical Evacuation I Need a Therapist

I don't know about you, but one of my biggest worries as an expat parent is what sort of havoc I might be bringing on my kids (their social, emotional, mental wellness, their connection to their families, their adjustments, etc.). Here, an article from a fully successful adult TCK who assures us that, indeed, she actually has flourished with the skills she gained by trailing her diplomat parent. Be your best, friends s

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