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Wellness Newsletter #173

We arrive empty-handed, and leave empty-handed. So then, how do we want to spend the time in between? ~ Nimo

Physical Health Eat Well Intermittent fasting is a thing: very popular, everyone is doing it. But ... should you? Be Active HIIT (High intensity interval training) is very challenging. It’s a great way to get a sweat on, burn some calories. It turns out, it is actually good for your longevity., too. Let's move! This is what's called an EMOM (every minute, on the minute). You'll set your timer for 5 minutes. Every time a minute starts, you'll do the prescribed moves. Maintain proper form, but know that the faster you do the moves, the longer rest you will take before having to start again at the top of the next minute. The beauty of this workout is you can make it as long or as short as you'd like. You can do all of these sets or pick your favorite 4 or 5. Up the number of minutes you do that set, to correspond with how long you'd like to work out. You don't necessarily need to do them in this order, either. Changing it up will challenge your muscles in different ways. Hint: practice the moves for the next set prior to starting your timer as part of an active rest period. The moves may sound tough, but I promise you can do it! EMOM- Start your music! 5 minutes Top of the minute: 5 x squat thrust + knee to each elbow (drop to the squat, jump or step legs back to a high plank, then bring one knee and then the other to touch the same side elbow, and then jump or step legs in + jump straight up + 5 x sprawl to a ball (lay on your back, arms out to your sides, legs slightly wider than hip width. That's your sprawl. Now bring everything up, hugging your knees in, balancing on the small of your back. That's your ball. Now move in between the two movements). 5 minutes Top of the minute: 4 x 2 full sit up touching your toes + 4 crab toe touch (2 on each side) - Get into crab position, lift your leg and touch your toe, aiming to do so over your belly button. 5 minutes Top of the minute: 5 x bear crawl + kick through (5 total, as each one includes a kick through each way) - Get on your hands and knees, and lift your knees an inch. Crawl on your hands and toes, keeping your butt as low as you can up 2 and back 2. Rotate your right hip towards the ground, keeping your left foot on the ground, and kick your right leg through trying to keep it parallel to the ground and your hip off the ground. Repeat the same on the left. That's 1. + 5 x star jumps (stand with feet hip width apart. Squat down slightly and then push off, arms out over your head, and legs out in a start position. Land softly. Alternately, you can squat down and then stand up, arms out over your head, bringing one leg up and out to the side.) 5 minutes Top of the minute: 5 x alternating lunge + hop (front lunge + hop the lunge + step back) (5 each side) + 5 x rolling boats - Lay on your back and lift your upper body off the ground, 45 degrees off the ground. Lift your legs up at the same time, 45 degrees from your hips to your knees. You can either bend your legs, keeping your lower legs parallel to the ground or straighten your legs bringing your body into a v-shape. Your arms should be either parallel to the ground reaching toward your legs (but not holding on) or, if you can, extended over your head. In the boat position, get your balance on your tail bone. Maintaining the boat/V position, roll back on your lower back and then roll back, try to regain your balance on your tailbone again. 5 minutes Top of the minute: 10 x elevated planks + step down (10 x each side) - Put your feet on a chair seat or a block with your body straight through the hips and legs, and your hands in plank position. You should be straight from your heels to your shoulders. Step one foot down, right in front of the block, but keeping your hips high. Step the other down. When you step down with both feet, your hips will lift into a modified down dog position. Now, step back to the elevated plank. Repeat, alternating which foot you step down first with. + 4 x side lunge + knee jump up + curtsy lunge (2 each side) (step our foot out wide to the side, and then sit your hips back, like you are sitting in a very narrow chair right behind the foot that has stepped out; the other non-stepping foot should be still and pointing forward, that leg is straight. Push off that squatting leg, and bring that knee up, adding a hop if you like. Now that same foot steps behind your standing foot, and bend both knees dropping into a curtsy. When doing these squats pay attention that your knees do not pass beyond your toes.) 5 minutes Top of the minute: 8 x Bulgarian split squats (4 each side) - Stand about 2 or 3 feet away from a block or chair, and put one foot on the chair (laces down or with your foot flexed, whatever is more comfortable for you). With your foot elevated, bend at the knee on the front leg, performing a squat. Return to the starting position. + 8 x t-spine rotation to down dog (4 each side) - From a down dog position (upside down V, hips high), step one foot forward outside your same side hand to a low lunge. This will bring your hips down. Keeping your feet in the same position and hips from dropping, rotate that same hand up to a T position, twisting open your shoulders, feet/legs maintaining their low lunge positions. Rotate back, replace your hand, and push back into a dog dog. Repeat on the other side. Spiritual Health A key to feeling more connected to others, and more gratitude, is awe. And how do we add more awe to our lives? Mental & Emotional Health

Especially in times of stress, how you speak to yourself (your inner dialog) makes a huge difference in the outcome, and in your mental state. Social Health I admit: I will often just do things myself instead of taking the (extra) time to show someone else how to do it, and hand the task over. But honestly, ‘what can I do to help?’ Often comes too late. Posts from Happy Monday! I see my hubby struggle with sleeping multiple times per week. Insomnia and sleeplessness can have a profoundly negative impact on your mood, your productivity level, and your general well-being. Here, some suggestions to perhaps help you fall asleep and stay asleep. It's hard to know what to say to our kids sometimes. Now, some of them are back in class, and others are still distance learning. 'How was your day, dear?' seems a little ... meh. And will probably net you a meh answer. Try to get a more insightful answer, checking in with your kids, making sure they are doing okay. 'Fine' and 'Nothing much' don't tell you enough about their day. New post: One of my boys thinks every food item should be coated in barbecue sauce. This salad is for him. I admit, though, it is a pretty darn tasty addition to raw and/or roasted veg! Hope you try it! I was just rereading this post, thinking about the things we do as parents. Our kids, no matter what those little stinkers pull, we still love them like mad, don't we? New post: We all have cracks. The trick is to view them not as a flaw, but as an asset. Be your best, friends


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