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Wellness Newsletter #171

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Physical Health Eat Well I know, I know. You love pizza! Maybe you don't want to hear this, but ... your body isn't always as happy as your taste buds might be when you have it. Be Active What should come first, cardio or weight? Does it even matter? Let's move! This is a fun challenge for you! A HIIT workout, and then an ab challenge. HIIT stands for High intensity interval training and it's a great way to push yourself harder than you might if you were to exercise for longer durations. HIIT has shorter durations with rests that allow for a higher intensity of exercise which results in great aerobic gains. You can do it! Start your music! Now you'll do the Ab Challenge part: For each of these plank variations, do 20 repetitions. If it calls for one side and then the other, do 10 on each side. Let's start from a good plank form: your hands should be directly under your shoulders. Try to line the 'eye' of your elbow (the inside of the bend) with the space between your thumb and forefinger for each hand. Keep your shoulders out of your ears, drawing your shoulder blades down your back; this should also open the front of your body a bit. Your hips should be tucked just a little, and pay attention that they don't start climbing/pushing upwards as you get more fatigued. Your shoulders, hips and heels should basically be in a straight line. Don't allow your hips to sag or push up. For more challenging position on the planks, keep your feet closer together, creating a smaller area for balance. For easier balance, keep your feet a little wider. Keep your gaze down, a little in front of your fingers. This is high plank. Low plank has the same body position - straight line from shoulders, hips to heels - but your arms are bent and you are on your elbows. If you can, palms are flat, but you can also clasp your hands together to for more support. You can do these in order as they are written, or you can mix it up. 1. Plank + hip drops (from a high plank swivel your hips from side to side in an arc, trying to keep your shoulders and feet as still as possible) 2. Plank + pike (from a high or a low plank, push your hips up - like down dog - and then drop them back to a true plank) 3. Plank + frog kick ( from a high plank, jump your hips into the air, and pull your knees into your armpits/upper arms; push your feet back, landing on your toes. You can do a less challenging version by alternating drawing each knee into the same side upper arm). I would recommend starting with 10 of these. 4. Plank + knee in (same side elbow. Hold the knee in for a count, moving deliberately and slowly) 5. Plank + leg sweep (from a high plank, sweep your foot along the ground in an arc out as far as you can, keeping your heel up and toe down, toe as close as possible to the ground. Do not allow your opposite hip to push out to counterbalance the leg; only go as far as you can without breaking the plank form) 6. Plank walk (from a high plank, walk your right hand and right foot out to the right, taking three 'steps'. Same side hand and foot move at the same time. Repeat to the left.) 7. Plank + punch out (from a high plank, punch out with alternating arms, like you are punching straight over your head. if you were standing up, it would be a punch directly up) 8. Plank + batwing (from a high plank, sweep your alternating arms out in an arc until they are parallel to the ground and directly out from your side. You should feel a squeeze at the top of the arc in the middle of your back) 9. Plank + shoulder tap (from a high plank, lift your right arm and tap your left shoulder. Repeat with left hand and right shoulder. Keep your hips as level and still as possible. If your hips are swinging too much, move your feet apart a little) 10. Plank jacks (from a high plank, jack your feet in and out) 11. Plank + knee in (straight to your chest. Hold the knee in for a count, moving deliberately and slowly) 12. Plank + knee in (opposite elbow. Hold the knee in for a count, moving deliberately and slowly) Spiritual Health Mindfulness is awesome and amazing ... except when it isn't. Know this: there is no such thing as 'failing' at mindfulness. Mental & Emotional Health First question: do you need therapy? Second: can you do without therapy? Social Health Friends = happiness boosts + stress relief. Posts from Social media is a necessary evil. Sure, it makes it easier to connect with others, but it also wreaks havoc on self-esteem, especially for girls. Talk to your teens about what they are seeing on their feeds, about what they are posting, and what is real and what is not. Another article about this, from a parenting angle. Happy Monday! I can say with confidence that at some point, your parenting journey is going to involve legos. I can also say that, if you purchase building kits, you will likely lose the instructions once the kit is assembled. What to do with the bricks? Use this app to build something new! New recipe: Buffalo sauce! From scratch! But super easy, I promise. We love these meatballs and cauliflower, too, but the sauce is pretty darn tasty on other things, too. Want a great way to spend some time, connect with your kids, and get some exercise? Go swimming! So many amazing benefits, and great for fun with your kids, too! Be your best, friends


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