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Be your best Wellness Newsletter #299

"The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within" ~ Ruby Dee

Happy Monday! During March, your links will be for women, in honor of women, and all we do.

New recipe: All the yumminess of a snickerdoodle but without having to roll each one in cinnamon-sugar. Snickerdoodle Bars!

New post: Why be grateful? Lots of good reasons. And of course dragonfruit!

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health

Eat Well

An outstanding podcast about the links between nutrition, disease (esp prevention), and genetic markers. Broken down in layperson language. A bit long, but wow, so much great info. 

Be Active

You have your exercise and then you have your non-exercise activities; both contribute towards keeping you healthy.

Let's move!

You’ll need a chair but otherwise this circuit will be a whole body burner.  Do the first round as described and then maybe the second two rounds, you push the up button a bit?  You can do this!  Start your music!

Spiritual Health

What an interesting question: Which do you value more: the truth or your own beliefs?

Mental & Emotional Health

What is ‘flow state’ and why would you want to try to achieve it?

Social Health

"Marriage is not a noun; it's a verb.  It's not something you get, but something you do.  it's the way you love your partner every single day." ~ Kavitha Yerra

Be your best, friends


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