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Be your best Wellness Newsletter #288

“For me, success is not a public thing. It’s a private thing. It’s when you have fewer and fewer regrets."

~ Toni Morrison

THIS is the spirit we should all embrace and espouse: Don’t fall for that naughty list line. We contain multitudes. You bring so much nice into this world—even if you have naughty moments. And you deserve nothing but love for your efforts. To you and yours, nothing but love for your efforts. Happy holiday weekend!

Happy holidays! May you too all find your happy place to share with loved ones (like my kitty to the right).

Kids can make this crumble-topped cake (maybe even surprise Mom with it?); let them try their hand in the kitchen!

Last post of the year: Micro-goals are perhaps the answer you need when considering resolutions.

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health

Eat Well

How grouchy are you when you're hungry?  Or when you have eaten something maybe a little less optimal?  Food and mood are strongly connected (which is a clue to how you can influence your mood).

Be Active

What’s a fartlek and why is it worth trying?  (Besides the word itself making you giggle.)

Let's move!

Let's do this: 30 seconds on, followed immediately by 15 seconds of hold.  You'll run through all of the moves, take a break, and then repeat.  You can do this!  Start your music!

Spiritual Health

Ok, you’re probably not going to grow a long nose, but yes, lying is bad for your health.

Mental & Emotional Health

Your brain on aging is not what you think.  Let's talk transformative learning.

Social Health

Honestly, parenting can suck the relationship out of any marriage.  How do you keep your marriage on the front burner? 

Be your best, friends


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