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Be your best Wellness Newsletter #287

Even After All this time

The Sun never says to the Earth,

"You owe me."


What happens

With a love like that,

It lights the whole sky.”

~ Hafiz

Check out recent episodes on The Big Purple Blob: 

So, there you go: there is a science behind why we love the smells we associate with the holidays. Happy Monday! 

Continuing to build skills with kids in the kitchen with fun recipes : Choose your own adventure snack bars. 

New post: Kindness, warmth and gentle persuasion win. Be the sun.

Holidays are actually a very challenging time for many people. "Happy" can be hard to achieve. Here, 5 things that actually contribute to a happier state of mind. 

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health

Eat Well

Foods that really will bring a smile to your face.  And is anyone else surprised that watermelon specifically isn’t on the list?

Be Active

Strength is not just big muscles and bicep curls.  7 reasons to maintain and up your strength.

Let's move!

This is  one of my favorite online options when I don't feel like doing a workout of my own or going out for a run.  It's always nice to have some favorites for those kinds of days.

Spiritual Health

Telling the truth is probably easier than you think and a lot better for your well being.

Mental & Emotional Health

Woohoo!  You feel A W E S O M E because you just had an amazing workout.  Let’s keep that happy buzz going.

Social Health

What is codependency and why is it bad for you?

Be your best, friends


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