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What's been happening on The Big Purple Blob

Episodes shared in the Big Purple Blob's newsletter in addition to the Blobber spotlight, focused on helping kids be more grateful.

Discussing the book What Happened to You : Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing by Bruce Perry and Oprah Winfrey


This is a process to help kids deal with grief.  As parents, we can help our kids process their emotions (we can't prevent them from having emotions).  This is one way to help our kids who may be struggling with the challenges in the world today.  Jennie Linton can talk with you- find out more at

Join Susie to consider Gratitude this week.  Sharing some wellness....since we all need a bit more of that in today's world.  Work with Susie at:

Holiday Stress sneaks in even when we try to avoid it.  Join us for a discussion on how our Overseas Families manage to find some sanity in November and December.  

Join Susie and Angi for a personal story of their experiences.  Living Overseas and working when a family member in the continental US dies suddenly is a hard circumstance to face.  Paperwork, family, logistics, travel, time-limits and State law are all a consideration that converge all at the same time.  It's NOT easy.    We hope this information will allow you to prepare or plan a bit for your own family situation.

Blobber Spotlight

Our blobber spotlight for you to share with your communities is from Susie talking about gratitude and kids.  

Help your kids be more grateful
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You could check out our complete list of Audio podcasts: Video

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