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Be your best Wellness Newsletter #271

Same is the most important word in our vocabulary. It’s just a shorthand expression of empathy, I guess, and it means: ‘I know how you feel.’ It means: ‘You are not alone.’ It means: ‘You are not insane.’ Or maybe: ‘You are insane, but so am I.'” Posts from Amen to this! Probably one of the hardest things we've done as parents, saying "see you later" to our eldest as he begins his college journey. I am certain I am not the only parent hit by this absolute avalanche of emotions. Happy Monday! Deep sea amazingness to include a new octopi nursery garden, a new octopus species and tripod fish. A take on tofu that will crisp it up with beans, and serve it atop crunchy cabbage and a lovely peanut sauce. Easy enough for weeknight, esp if you do a bit of prep the night before. New post: Invisible labor: you do it. Do you acknowledge it, the energy you put into it? Does it make you happy? Do you get credit for it? Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well What does what you eat have to do with the stress you are feeling? Well, turns out, a lot. Be Active Planking. Love it or hate it, but can’t beat it for one hell of an effective exercise. Let's move! Jumping ladders + plank challenge 5-10-15-10-5 We have four different exercises that we go through using this structure of reps. In between each group of reps, we stoke up the cardio burn by adding in a 50-second interval of jumping rope. So round 1 = 5 reps squats, 5 push-ups, 5 bridges, 5 toe touch crunches, then you do your jump rope. Round 2 is the same with 10 reps, etc. You don't actually need a jump rope; just move your arms as though you do have one, and jump your feet. If you do have one, all the better! Exercises in this workout: • Squats • Push Ups • Bridges • Toe Touch Crunches

Spiritual Health Honestly, it can be pretty easy to get wound up and up and up when you start thinking drama drama drama and 'woe-is-me' thoughts. It is actually important to stop that vicious cycle before you do damage to your emotional state. Mental & Emotional Health Grouchy? In a sour mood? I bet I can help. Social Health Male friendships are an important commodity. Be your best, friends s

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