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Invisible labor (15)

What did you do today that are outside the scope of your paid work, especially those tasks you did without being ask?

What did you do to help or contribute as a reaction to nurture?

What did you do as a result to colleagues (or family members) being sloppy?

Just today, what did you do , what did you think about, what did you extol mental, physical or emotional energy towards?

How much of what you thought or did was for you?

How much of that thought or energy can you expect to be reciprocated without being asked?

Now, ask yourself this: How much of it would you LIKE to be reciprocated even without having to ask?

How much of it was credited?

How much of it stayed unseen?

How much of it remained invisible, even to the person who benefitted the most?

When you start seeing this labor -- this invisible labor -- as the labor that it is, you can start making choices about what is working for you.

Simply recognizing how much invisible labor as how much you do, once you start being aware of this labor as a choice you are making, those around you will too. You start making the choice to give yourself credit for it.

With each choice you make, that labor goes from being a performance of labor, to a choice to make, and an intentional act of love. Or a decision, a choice, to prioritize yourself.

Making a choice to prioritize yourself is 100% okay.

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