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Be your best Wellness Newsletter #265

Light is in both the broken bottle and the diamond. ~ Mark Nepo Posts from Happy Monday. In honor of all things Barbi, here is a very cool compilation of the Barbi girl song. Share it with your kiddos!

A super quick option for shrimp lovers, even On a weeknight. I love the miso-umami flavor bomb sauce. Hope you try it.

If you’re female, you‘re guaranteed 3 things: birth, death, and menopause. Let’s talk most about that third one. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well "Most important meal of the day" in even more ways.

Be Active I know it’s been a while since you’ve worked out. What does that mean, exactly, for your fitness level? Let's move! Descending cardio circuits, and then a core section. Start your music! If you’d like to revisit that workout: Spiritual Health Love Poem with Apologies for my appearance Sometimes, I think you get the worst of me. The much-loved loose forest green sweat pants, the long bra-less days, hair knotted and uncivilized, a shadowed brow where the devilish thoughts do their hoofed dance on the brain. I’d like to say this means I love you, the stained white cotton T-shirt, the tears, pistachio shells, the mess of orange peels on my desk, but it’s different than that. I move in this house with you, the way I move In my mind, unencumbered by beauty’s cage. I do like I do in the tall grass, more animal-me than much else. I’m wrong, it is that I love you, but it’s more that when you say it back, lights out, a cold wind through curtains, for maybe the first time in my life, I believe it. ~ Ada Limon Mental & Emotional Health Sometimes it is not about you. How do we take that to heart and not take things personally? Social Health It really does take a village: 'weak' social ties as well as regular interactions with friends and family bring a greater happiness and sense of well-being. Be your best, friends


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