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"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." ~ George Bernard Shaw

Physical Health

Eat Well

Stop viewing it as a 'diet' (read: quick-fix bandaid to adopt temporarily to change weight) and view it as a way of eating to support an active lifestyle, and the changes and ensuing weight changes will be more permanent.  

Be Active

We're doing another EMOM (Every minute on the minute).  This one is 4 blocks long.  If you have a timer you like, feel free to set it or you can use the timer link below.  4 10 minute blocks, with one minute rest in between each block.  At the top of each minute, you do the prescribed moves, repeating each set of moves 10 times.

Start your music!

First block: 7 box jumps, 10 rear lunge + front kick.  On the box jump, be sure to find a sturdy box/stool/curb that won't move when you land on it.  It should be at least 1 1/2 feet tall, if possible.  Jump with both feet, land with both feet.  Use your arms to get up to the box if you need to.  As the minutes go by, and the number of box jumps you've completed add up, you can also step up; alternate one leg and then the other.  But jump up as long as you can!

Rear lunge + front kick is just that: 90/90 in each knee on the rear lunge, and then front kick.  If you can, don't tap the ground in between the two moves.  Don't use momentum on the front kick; slow and steady with good form.  And, if you can, jump to alternate to the other rear lunge.

Second block: 5 roll-ups, 5 long jumps.  For the roll-ups, lie on your back (probably on a mat or carpet is best).  Roll all the way up, onto your feet.  If you need to, use your hands to push your way up to your feet.  Jump at the top.  Roll back onto your back and start again.

Long jumps are just that: jump forward as far as you can, jumping and landing on both feet. Turn around, and do it again.

Third block: 10 crab toe-touches, 8 jack complexes.  From the crab position (belly up, legs and hands down on the ground), straighten your leg up above your belly and reach up with your opposite hand and touch your toe hand, alternating sides (5 each side).  Jack complex: Regular jack, front jack, touch one foot and then the other in front, touch one foot and then the other in back, repeat.  Between each touch, jack your legs out.  This one makes your brain work, too; don't worry, as long as you are jumping around and moving your arms and legs, you'll get your heart rate up!

Fourth block: 10 full sit-ups, 10 Russian twists.  Self-explanatory, both.  If you can, keep your feet up on the Russian twists.  As you get fatigued, definitely let your feet rest on the floor, but keep your back leaning back and rotate back and forth through your whole core.

You did it!  Good job!

Spiritual Health

Rather than be worried about what you might be missing, instead focus on now, focus on what is in front of you, and enjoy it.  Don't worry about anything else.

Mental & Emotional Health

We spend a lot of our time and effort playing 'catch up' purely because we are inundated with information.  Too much coming at us at one time, causing us to flail about, grabbing at things, not able to fully focus and complete a task before the next one is thrown in our direction.  How do we stop this?  Say no.  Turn things down.  Delete your name from email lists.  Edit your subscriptions to those that matter and are important.

Social Health

You know what it’s like, to plan on doing something with your BFFs, to plan the outfit, to plan the transportation, to plan the child-minding make sure you are all set.  And then ... it doesn’t happen. One or the other of you bail, or something comes up, and it just does not happen.  What?!  It isn’t just about going out, though, it’s about being present and listening and being a good friend.  So how does one do that, when it is all you can do to take care of you?  Effort.  And, honestly, practice practice practice, and then it becomes a habit and then second-nature. No surprise here: good friends are good for your health.  Not just for your social health, but also friends keep you on track with your fitness and nutrition goals, they make it more fun to stay committed to your projects and they give you a sense of calm that lasts well after you depart from having spent time with them.

Be your best, friends


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