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"You're only limited to what you push yourself to."  ~ Lindsay Vonn Physical Health Eat Well

I know, I know!  It tastes good.  But junk food generally is not the best choice. Be Active

Being active is good for your muscles, yes.  And your waistline.  And now, proof that it is also good for your general health. Let's move!

EMOM- You can do all of these sets or pick your favorite 4 or 5.  Up the number of minutes you do that set, to correspond with how long you'd like to work out.  You don't necessarily need to do them in this order, either.  Changing it up will challenge your muscles in different ways.  The key is to set your timer for the appropriate length of time, and every minute on the minute, do the prescribed moves.  Maintain proper form, but know that the faster you do the moves, the longer rest you will take before having to start again.  5 minutes 5 x squat thrust + knee to each elbow (drop to the squat, jump legs back, one knee and then the other touches the elbow, and then jump legs in + jump up 5 x sprawl to a ball 5 minutes 4 x 2 full sit up + 4 crab toe touch (2 each side) - Get into crab position, lift your leg and touch your toe, aiming to do so over your belly button. 5 minutes 5 x bear crawl + kick through (5 total, as each one includes a kick through each way) - Get on your hands and knees, and lift your knees an inch.  Crawl on your hands and toes, keeping your butt as low as you can up 2 and back 2.  Rotate your right hip towards the ground, keeping your left foot on the ground, and kick your right leg through trying to keep it parallel to the ground and your hip off the ground.  Repeat the same on the left.  That's 1. 5 x star jumps 5 minutes 5 x alt lunge + hop (front lunge + hop the lunge + step back) (5 each side) 5 x rolling boats - In the boat position, get your balance on your tail bone.  Keep your legs straight if you can, arms over your head.  Roll back on your lower back and then try to regain your balance on your tailbone again. 5 minutes 10 x elevated planks + step down  (10 x each side) - Put your feet on a chair seat or a block with your hands in plank position.  You should be straight from your heels to your shoulders.  Step one foot down, right in front of the block, but keeping your hips high.  Step the other down, and then step back to the elevated plank.  Repeat, alternating which foot you step down first with. 4 x side lunge + knee jump up + curtsy lunge (2 each side) 5 minutes

8 x Bulgarian split squats (4 each side)  - Stand about 2 or 3 feet away from a block or chair, and put your foot on the chair (laces down or with your foot flexed, whatever is more comfortable for you).  With your foot elevated, squat on the front leg.  Return to the starting position. 8 x t-spine rotation to down dog (4 each side) - From a down dog position, step one foot forward outside your same hand.  This will bring your hips down.  Keeping your feet level, rotate that same hand up to a T position, feet/legs maintaining their low lunge positions.  Rotate back, replace your hand, and push back into a dog dog.  Repeat on the other side. Spiritual Health Openness is an important part of positive change, especially being open to new experiences. Mental & Emotional Health Because you are different people, because you come from different backgrounds, and have different experiences ... you are likely going to argue in your committed relationship.  And it's okay to get emotional while arguing. Social Health How compelled do you feel to get your inbox to zero every day?  It is an almost herculean task.  And, even more important, does it even matter? Posts from FB/Blog

Happy Monday! I am a huge fan of all things science. Sometimes, though, science doesn't answer every question.

New post: Chicken with chimichurri.  You could probably do this just veggie, too, but the best part about this is the sauce.  It is so good.

New post: As we continue our month-long dive into the different parts of wellness, what little things you can do for you, and for your family, this week I look at spiritual wellness.

Be your best, 


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