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“Between two evils, I generally like to pick the one I never tried before.” ~ Mae West Physical Health Eat Well Eat out often?  Then I bet you have a skewed view of what an appropriate portion is for your various food groups. Be Active Best cure to that after-dinner energy slump?  A walk.  Helps improve digestion, absorption, and energy levels. Let's move! First workout of the week for you:  This is an online (free!) workout on YouTube.  Well-thought out, varied, body-weight only (unless you opt for one of their strength options).  Really tough, but good.  The Cardio option has three video parts (warm-up, The Push, and then Ten Four).  I promise they will leave you sweaty; if not, you can add on the mile run at the end.  :) Second workout:

Building up: This is a quasi-AMRAP (as many reps as possible) workout, with a twist.  You can do this workout as given in this timer (6 5-minute rounds) or you can do it as 3 10-minute rounds).  Honestly, even though the time is essentially the same, the 3 10-minute rounds is pretty challenging, so I would recommend you do it as the 6 rounds first, and work up to the 3.   Workout Description: You have 3 groups of 2 exercises. You'll do each group twice for 5 minutes each time.   Group 1 - Walk out to a plank + shoulder tap AND Star Jump You'll do one of each (walk out to a plank, shoulder tap each side, walk back to standing and then a Star Jump).  Then do two of each.  Then do three of each. Continue until the 5 minutes are up.   Group 2 - Push-up AND V-up.  Same pattern.  One of each, then two of each until the 5 minutes are up. Group 3 - Squat + side kick AND Long Jump.   Same pattern.  On the first move, stay as low as you can in the squat for the first move through the side kick.  Kick to the side pushing with your heel.  Spiritual Health Mindfulness is often misunderstood.   Debunking some myths. Mental & Emotional Health So you like to read before you go to bed.  Did you ever think about what that might be doing to your eye health?  Or your sleeping pattern? Social Health You're in a relationship (marriage/commitment/partnership/etc) and it MATTERS.  So make the most of your interactions with your life partner; avoid the traps that can bog you down. Posts from FaceBook/ Blog "Marriage isn't supposed to make you happy. Marriage is supposed to make you married." To follow up on my 'Hear us roar' post, a very thoughtful article about how to stop offensive behavior, thoughtfully and sincerely. The more thought we put into it, then hopefully our words will sink in. Happy Monday! And because it's the season (at least in the States), enjoy this article about the art of Corn Mazes. Though one can't argue with the convenience of an e-reader, I don't think they mean e-books in this study. Recipe: Really good, homemade pizza is not as complicated as you might think. What does healthy FEEL like? Be your best,  s

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