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The most important factor that determines if you’ll stick to a fitness routine is if you think you can.

Physical Health Eat Well

Just because you eat well does not necessarily mean you are 'skinny', but it might mean you are 'healthy'.  Seems kind of counter-intuitive, right? Be Active

Sometimes, being active and staying with your fitness routine takes a lot of work; sometimes the mental commitment part is even harder than the umpteen burpees. And sometimes, just knowing a few tricks about fitness makes it easier to stick with it (like why your squats are so much harder in the mornings). Just move!

 See, even Self is getting into the Seconds timers!  Here is there workout as part of their Fall Fitness challenge.  See attached pictogram of the moves.  

And a workout from my own timer: This one is inspired by the zoo... Animal

Animal Hiit
Download DOCX • 137KB

HIIT! You'll do each exercise for 30 seconds, rest for 10.  3 rounds.  See the attached for the exercise descriptions.

Spiritual Health So now you now it is confirmed what you already knew: reading (constantly bad) news is not good for your health.  Not really a surprise. Mental & Emotional Health One good turn, and all that... it is actually good for you to be good to others. Social Health Happy families rock!  But ... what does that even look like? Links from FB/Blog Because who doesn't need more kindness? I love the idea of this campaign! We all remember our teen years (angst + change + quasi-independence); those of us with teens see our kids alternating between sailing through and struggling. This is an amazing idea for how to help teens identify and deal with their anxiety, and move beyond it. Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice weekend. I hope this link works. I was laughing quite hard, especially with the little poof of cocoa. Tuesday's recipe is chocolate banana muffins.  A favorite at our house! You'll have to pardon the ads that keep popping up on this article. I thought it was a really well done article about growth mindset and teens. Teens have a LOT going on hormonally, in school, socially ... it's a tough age and they can easily get stuck in a fixed mindset. It's hard to keep trying, trying, trying when you're so conscious of what your friends are thinking and doing. Helping them get out of that limiting frame of mind, and into one that allows them to grow from their mistakes is going to be one of your biggest - and potentially most rewarding - parenting endeavors. Time for some self-reflection: look at your purpose. What is your Why? Be your best, friends s

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