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"That voice that is doubting you?  Tell it to shut the F*** up." Hannah Eden

Physical Health Eat Well

It's important to remember that 'variety' in your diet is good, but not if that means that you think that you should eat a plethora of choices from the snack food aisle.  Instead the term 'variety' more refers to eating a wide array of fruits, veg, and whole grains. I know.  Not as exciting, but better for your waistline and heart health! Fact of the matter is that we Americans can be pretty oblivious to what sort of impact our choices and actions have on the planet.  In fact, there is not enough land to sustain the diet if everyone in the world were to eat as the average American does. Be Active As they say, 'time marches on.'  And yes, it does.  But it's not all bad news after 30.

Workout! 14 moves for 60 seconds each, twice through.  You can do it!  See the description of the moves attached.

14 x 2
Download DOCX • 144KB

Happiness is indeed an emotional happy, but contentment and satisfaction?  Those feed your spiritual wellness. Mental & Emotional Health

Are we trying too hard to be happy?  Is the very effort making us unhappy?  And, maybe this is like the forrest vs the trees sort of thing, but if we don't know how it feels to be unhappy, do we know what it feels like to be happy? Social Health

Being socially 'savvy' and being able to navigate the minefield of truths and semi-truths one might hear from the mouths of others ... it's nice to think we can accomplish this level by the time we are adults, right?  Hm.  Turns out, we might not be as good at it as we think we are. Links from FB/Blog Isn’t this one of the hardest parts of having to move every 2 to 4 years?  Again, and again, being the proverbial new kid on the playground.  Well, guess what? Even big people can make new friends, Baked oatmeal?  It's a thing, friends.  And your kids will like it. A clear example of how much things have changed for that first day of school.  

Isn't it nice to know it is not always something you did? Sometimes, your kid(s) just fall apart. It's knowing the reason/cause that is most useful because then, maybe, you can help prevent or fix it.

Sometimes we forget that we have an amazing kid because we are so busy looking for the things they are NOT doing, instead of focusing on all that they are. Be your best, friends s

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