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April Episodes

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Many parents face a child who may say, "I want to die." How do we handle something like that? Especially when the path for support isn't exactly clear. Is it a rant or an offhand remark similar to "You're ruining my life!"? Or, does this indicate emotional distress which needs to be addressed? How does one address this issue? Katie and Sharoya speak with Jodi Harris, LCSW, on supporting your child's mental health when you are at Post. Link:

A conversation with Podcaster Lisa Hope Tilstra about Self Compassion. Link:

Have you ever noticed at post that there seem to be two very separate groups between the spouses? Sometimes it feels like two sides: EFMs who work at the Embassy vs. EFMs who work outside the embassy & manage the home. Being the partner of an overseas diplo-employee has it's challenges. How can we address and include the 'other side' in our own circles, work, friendships, and events? We at The Big Purple Blob have heard from our audience (YOU!!) that you are facing this issue. Some women and men have noticed that they feel isolated and excluded from participation in the "other circle." So, Angi & Susie peel back some of the layers of this rarely-discussed topic. Link:

There's so much to do. I can't get it all done. I only have two months to make this all happen. Sound familiar? In this podcast we apply some Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to our own Moving Mindset. Join Jennie & Angi for a discussion on prepping for your next move. Link:

Planning ahead. Don't let summer break catch you off guard. Keep your kids on track with strategies and ideas to stay focused over the summer. Sharoya and Katie discuss practical steps you can take even with tumultuous travel schedules and while staying at relatives' homes. Link:

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