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What's been happening on The Big Purple Blob

108- Living Overseas When a Family Member Dies in the US

This isn't an easy one. This is challenging situation to face and there are some extra considerations (beyond the emotional loss) while we live overseas and our family member lives in the US. The services and paperwork all need to be completed or organized away from our "home base."

This isn't an "advice" episode but a personal account of facing this situation- to give you a heads up and some things to think about BEFORE you are facing this hurdle yourself. Also check out EPISODE #86--Aging Parents, we worry about our elderly parents living on their own as we live so far away.


109- Good Goodbyes (Helping our families with the HARD work of saying goodbye)

This episode addresses best practices and useful tips for saying farewell in the healthiest ways. In our Global Nomad community, this is one of the MOST VALUABLE skills for TCKs to understand. Link:

110- I Do Not Want to be a PARENT

Parenting is hard. But what happens when you are a parent and you do not WANT to be a parent? Let's talk about it. Jennie and Sharoya want to encourage you. You don't have to live in misery or shame for the rest of your parenting journey. They provide healthy ways for you to move forward with a purpose.


111: Menopause-An Expert Talks with Michelle Hervy

Menopause happens. Why haven't we been talking about it more? Menopause Coach Michelle Hervy talks about what you can do for you before, during and after Menopause. This episode looks at: What are the pre-menopausal signs? What about HRT?

Link: Please reach out to us at The Big Purple Blob- we want to put our expertise to good use in making life a little smoother for our community out there. If you're looking for someone to talk to, an accountability plan, for a path towards a better life---please reach out. We are here to help.

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