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Wellness Newsletter #243

Reminder: “You are not the main character of the universe.”

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Happy Monday! This is about that time of the year when we start to get tired of here (wherever that may be) and itching to go anywhere else. Here are some points on this beautiful globe to add to your bucket list.

New recipe: there is a special place where one finds birds singing, sun shining, and cinnamon rolls bigger than a plate!

New post: It's not always about you, and that helps ease the burden.

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health Eat Well A happy gut is a healthy gut ... and is important as you age (gracefully). Be Active Your fancy-shmancy monitoring/GPS/watch is pretty darn snazzy, but it isn't completely correct about everything. Let's move! This timer starts with a cardio warmup and then you'll move into two groups of exercises. Each one is 5 exercises (but some are done on both sides). Each active period is 40 seconds on, 10 off. You'll repeat each of the two groups. Start your music! Spiritual Health How mindfulness and thinking about your mortality can inspire joy and satisfaction.

Mental & Emotional Health It's not even just about weighing the odds. Sometimes making the decision has to be done, like ripping off a bandaid. Social Health You love 'em, but sometimes their negative nelly-ing gets you down? Here are some great suggestions how to deal with a negative partner. Be your best, friends


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