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Wellness newsletter #240

"If only we could remember when we were the ocean." ~ Marie Howe Posts from Ah, sleepovers. There's nothing you endure as a parent as draining, tiresome, exhilarating, exasperating, demeaning, ... Your kids love them AND (probably at the same time) loathe them. Gives you a window into all sorts of aspects of parenting your kid's friends grow up with; visa versa when it's your kid staying somewhere else. Can't ban 'em, can't prohibit them ... what to do? Happy Monday! It's the little things that bring joy, right? Especially when those little things might be something your kids don't yet know about Google. Wow them with these tricks: New recipe: adding tahini to your granola recipe adds a twist to your breakfast options. Money. I know, a tough conversation to have with your kids, but one you CAN and should broach. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well Yes, ‘hangry’ actually is a thing, and why you should eat breakfast. Be Active Resistance bands versus weights: there is not a clear winner, unless you are often on the go. Let's move! Today’s timer: 8 moves two times through. Pretty simple, right? Spiritual Health We really are so hard on ourselves. How can we rewrite that script? Mental & Emotional Health Anger much? How not to hit the roof, and instead, control your anger. Social Health Lessons every kid (and every adult) benefits from, including how to be bored. Be your best, friends


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