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Wellness Newsletter #232

“A candle loses NOTHING by lighting another candle.” ~ James Keller

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Happy Monday! Instead of a link, this final Monday in Nov gets a poem about gratitude: An antidote Gratitude might be the way forward. So much of what ails us gets a bit better when we say ‘thank you.’ Even when it’s hard. Especially then. What's for dinner? Why, pasta with chicken and broccoli, of course. And wow, is it tasty! New post: I know, here I go with the 'g' word again, but you have to walk the walk, right? A few reasons to remind you to take that extra minute to be grateful. Because that is how long it takes.

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Physical Health Eat Well Yes, there is such a thing as ‘too much protein’ and yes, there are signs. Be Active Another reason to add strength training to your routine, especially as you age. Let's move! This timer brought to you by the letter 'X' ... so a number of cross-body moves. You'll work your core, your legs, your arms ... start your music!

Spiritual Health Scary is scary, sure, but sometimes we make a fear much bigger and badder than it really is. Mental & Emotional Health Ohmigosh, life is hard sometimes. It can be hard to find which way is up, especially after going through an emotional situation. Emotional resilience is a process, though, and, like any skill, gets better with practice. Social Health I am sorry to say but you will have to write one at some point. Make it mean something. Be your best, friends


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