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Wellness Newsletter #214

If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. ~ Will Rogers Posts from I can think of any number of reasons why I do not especially like Barbie but this? I love this. Iconic women PLUS recycling ocean plastic? Good for you, Mattel. Happy Monday! My name is Susie and I have a cute kitten video problem. There, I confessed. I'm telling you, though, watch Marlin, and you too may become addicted! Cauliflower is so tasty. Roast it and add a lovely green sauce that makes your taste buds happy? Even better. New post: OF COURSE, you want to be liked. Who doesn't? But when you try to be your child's friend, it undermines being an effective parent. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well An excellent talk about Fat and Diet culture. Be Active Why does doing one exercise improve the endurance and strength for when you do another? Enter the Cross-training paradox. Let's move! You'll do two moves back to back 3 times, and then move on to another pair, and then another pair until you've mastered all 5 pairs, repeating each 3 times total. Back to back moves, but there are breaks in between the sets. You can do this! Start your music! Spiritual Health 10 things we DO know about meditation beyond sitting in the lotus position clearing your mind. Mental & Emotional Health Happy happy joy joy .... and more green? Looks like it might be so! Social Health How are you with remembering names? Be your best, friends


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