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Wellness Newsletter #211

"This is a wonderful day. I've never seen this one before." ~ Maya Angelou Posts from 1. Happy Monday! If you have ever found yourself down a rabbit hole on the internet, you may have had a passing thought about the origins of websites. Here, a journey through the most popular websites since the beginning of the Internet. 2. Take that carrot, add a handful of ingredients, and now you have a suits-every-taste side that makes your tastebuds happy. 3. New post: Boys versus girls, from a parenting perspective.

Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well Direct gut - brain connections help (or hinder) or mental health. Be Active Being active not only strengthens your muscles, but also helps stave off some episodes of depression. That will hopefully make that sweat session worthwhile! Let's move! Find the attached workout full of EMOMs (every minute on the minute). You can do your favorite 4 or 5 or do all 8. For each, set your timer to 6 minutes, and at the top of every minute, do the prescribed moves. The faster you do the moves (with good form, of course!), the longer your rest. Start your music!

6 minutes
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Spiritual Health When your life feels as though it is topsy turvy, it can feel a bit overwhelming and stressful. It also opens an opportunity to find little things to be grateful for. Mental & Emotional Health Me happy? No, YOU happy. Social Health The thing about toxic relationships is that they don't often just HAPPEN, but rather come about gradually until you slowly come to the realization that the relationship can't continue. How to move past that and to the action part can be challenging. Be your best, friends


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