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Wellness Newsletter #208

You’re going to figure it out, but you don’t have to figure it out right now. Posts from Hi Folks! I know that gender/sexuality can be a complicated topic to discuss. But, I also know several parents in the FS are dealing with this issue without any support. So, please receive the following message in the compassion it is sent. The Big Purple Blob is a collective of six professional coaches supporting Foreign Service Families with their unique challenges.

* We've noticed increased concern around topics related to children's/adolescent's gender/sexual identity. We would like to help parents who may be at a loss of what to say to a child/teen questioning their identity.

* We are hosting an upcoming podcast with Dr. Fae, a compassionate psychologist with a background in gender/sexuality identity issues. She has agreed to field questions sent in by our listeners.

* We are inviting all FS parents to submit questions. If you would like to submit a question, you can write it below, send me a private message, or email us at

* Our only agenda is to help parents navigate this issue should their children have such experiences.

Everyone sing along: Go play outside!! Happy Monday! We have 5 days left of school; I think many folks are closing in on the last days of school, too. How to keep the kids busy over the long days of summer? How about a paper airplane flying contest? New recipe: Super tasty bean salad, a lot of flavor. Use either as a salsa-like appetizer/dip, or a topping for grilled chicken, fish or even tofu, or as a great addition to a green salad. Love to hear your ideas! Parenting is a pile of small details. Don't let yourself get mired down or you can't get to the big stuff that really matters. And that makes it all worthwhile. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well You’re hungry. Again! But are you really? How is that even possible? You know, that hunger craving might be an indication of something else. Be Active Rest day is not the same thing as being lazy. Let's move! Take your traditional HIIT moves and pair them with jump rope and we have ourselves a nice sweaty workout. Obviously, if you have a jump rope, now is the time to go grab it. If you don't, though, you can do the same jumping and hand motions as if you do, or you can simply replace that move with jumping jacks. This timer includes a warm-up and the last round incorporates standing ab moves. Ready? Start your music! Spiritual Health Where does creativity fall on the spectrum for attributes to measure? I don't know. What I know for sure is that this simple test is pretty awesome. Mental & Emotional Health The emotional benefits of a good old-fashioned thank you note.

Social Health One of the hardest things we do as parents is help build our kid's capacities for compassion and empathy and for taking the time and effort to take care of others. Often, children are genuinely already ready to take care with a friend, but to build that spark of incentive to take action, well, that is something else. How do we talk to them about what is going on in the world without overwhelming them with bad news? How do we keep them informed without fear-mongering? Be your best, friends


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