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Wellness Newsletter #199

Make it a habit to look for what you are wanting to see.

Physical Health Eat Well I’m not generally one to advocate for avoiding an entire food group, but there are times when cutting carbohydrates can be beneficial for your health. Also, paying attention to simple carbs, sugars and refined sugars is always a good thing. Be Active How to change up your workout? Add some slow tension.

Let's move! This time is a 4-part tabata. Each section has 6 moves that you will repeat 3 times. The first three groups are cardio. The last group of exercises will focus on your core. Spiritual Health We can be really hard on ourselves, using language towards ourselves that we would never use with another person. How do we reframe that, stop that negative self-talk? Mental & Emotional Health What would you say if I told you there is a magic elixir to keep your brain healthy?

Social Health Looking for something new to do today? How about striking up a conversation with a stranger? You never know who you might meet or what you might learn. Posts from Happy Monday! This month, in honor of Earth day coming up, I'm going to be posting about the environment. Here, a positive story: baby rhino! New recipe: I don't know if the best part of this is the bits of sweet-tangy from the raisins, the seasoned chicken or all of it on top of the hummus. So so good. Let's bring the environment to the forefront. What can we do that makes a positive difference? Be your best, friends


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