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Wellness Newsletter #198

"Walls turned sideways are bridges." ~ Angela Davis

Physical Health Eat Well In general, it is not a good idea, methinks, to avoid an entire food group. Just sayin'. Especially one as tasty and good for you as fruit! Be Active Being active isn't always about having an aggressive, sweaty workout, especially on recovery days. Here are some great options for those days when you want to move, but your body also needs a little bit of rest. Let's move! This timer is a band workout. You’ll do three back-to-back sets of each move first with the full move, then hold, then pulsing the move. Grab your bands and Start your music! Spiritual Health How hard are we on ourselves? Can you give yourself a break? Here's a meditation that can help you focus less on what you are perceiving as negative qualities and instead focus on all of you positives. Mental & Emotional Health You can 'should' yourself into a corner, and then you'll become miserable. How about we stop the negative thought patterns before they take over? Social Health This may seem like an odd addition to the ‘social’ area, but it is, in fact, important to know when the people you are with are telling you the truth. Posts from Happy Monday! Did you ever wonder about cats and other animals and why their pupils are so different than your own? New recipe: So you're in a rush, are you? This is the recipe for you, then. Better than anything you can get delivered, and quick to come together, too. Yes, I admit, I used a (delivered) rotisserie chicken, but you can definitely use any leftover chicken, or shrimp, too. Iiiiiii'mmm boooored! grates that whiney voice in your ear. Well, Mama, are you going to fix it, or empower them to figure it out for themselves? Be your best, friends


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