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Wellness Newsletter #182

If you trip and fall, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going in the wrong direction. Physical Health Eat Well Snacking a lot? Always reaching for something else to eat? Let’s focus on if you are really hungry or if it is something else. Be Active Although it may seem counter-intuitive, getting up and moving is actually going to help you when you sit back down and try to focus. Let's move! This timer is called 4 cycles. You have four groups of 7 exercises each (25 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, 4 cycles. Each cycle involves similar exercises, getting a bit tougher each round. If you find a move too difficult, you can go back to the version you did during the last round. I know you can do this! 25 seconds is a short interval! You can do hard things! Start your music! Spiritual Health Mindfulness is the same thing are obsessing, right? Actually, no. Mental & Emotional Health Sometimes our response to stress actually builds a greater stress response, creating a vicious cycle. By forming a new response (read: a new habit), you can help break that cycle, and suffer less from your stress. Social Health We humans, being social creatures, find many ways in which we can bond with our fellow humans. Turns out, a shared love of music is one of the easiest. Posts from Happy Monday! Hope you had a good weekend. Sometimes, the best way to start a week off is with a good animal video. Kindness: A superhero skill that CAN make a difference. New Recipe: These blondies are pretty amazing. My boys think they are the new 'best' ... let's see what you think. Be your best, friends


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