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Newsletter #147

Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you. ~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Physical Health Eat Well Especially if you are spending more time at home, ‘hungry’ can often be confused with ‘bored’, ‘thirsty’, or ‘stressed’. How do you tell if you actually ARE hungry or just have the munchies?

Be Active This meta-analysis (and yes, there is a lot of science talk in this article) showed that strength training can increase your resting metabolism by 100 calories each day. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but 100 calories more burned each day adds up. And, fyi, aerobic activity did NOT show the same increase. So. Lift some weights, my friends. Let's move! This timer is called Feeling tough. We incorporate some boxing moves here. Every four moves, you'll do a one minute airbag stint. Start your music! Spiritual Health The best sort of feedback loop to be in, methinks. Mental & Emotional Health Your brain is an amazing and powerful thing. Sometimes, it plays tricks on you.

Social Health Why is it so hard to speak up against offensive behavior? It’s actually a human thing. Posts from Happy Monday! Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. Here’s a belated gift for you (and for your kids): an oddly captivating still-motion Lego chocolate cake video. New recipe: Sure, a sheet pan dinner recipe is not novel or ground-breaking. Still, it's nice to have a few basics like this one up your sleeve, and anything is better with a great sauce, right? I hope this one hits the spot. Note: we made this with chicken sausage. If you like pork better, feel free to sub it in. I don't know about you, but there have been a number of things that came to be during this pandemic that I love: daily lunch connections with my boys, more family time, more time to read books I didn't make time for before ... it feels like now that we are in this weird maybe-moving-towards-a-new-normal space, these unexpected bonuses are in danger of falling to the wayside. What can we do to maintain some of these unexpected good things? I'd love your thoughts. New post: How do we feed the right wolf? How do we look inward and focus on what matters? Be your best, friends s

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