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Latest from the Big Purple Blob

Episodes shared on the Big Purple Blob in April

Angie Collins and Susie Csorsz Brown discuss the emotional and financial burdens of sending kids to a four-year University as Diplo parents.

Great information from expert Dr Geoffrey Jones, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Clinical Programs.  In this episode, we discuss Health Unit services and local services, briefly discuss the new Medical Clearance process coming out, Medicare Management, the Med Connect option for appointments stateside, and  

Are your kids prepared to handle exposure to drugs in school?  Katie and Susie share their perspectives on raising teens both in the U.S. and abroad.

Listen to a teen's perspective on college application process, living overseas while applying to U.S. schools, sports, volunteer work, and more.  Do grades matter?  Are SATs essential?  Do I need to tour and interview?  Should I apply for Early Decision?  If you have a high school student who might be looking at the application process soon, grab some popcorn and listen together.  One teen shares her account of the stressors and what was most effective.

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