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Be your Best Wellness Newsletter #302

Treat yourself like someone you love.

Happy Monday! Especially living in a part of the world where the weather doesn’t vary that much, it can be fun to explore the weather options elsewhere. Especially when it is depicted on such a cool and beautiful map!

Tangy lemon and cream cheese combine to a beautiful sunny bar. Hope you try it!

New post: Never too old to learn and get those a-has.

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health

Eat Well

Ten nutrient dense foods to eat more regularly, plus what exactly is « nutrient-density »?

Be Active

The answer to ‘weights or cardio?’ Should be ‘both’ when possible.

Let's move!

Take 2 moves, do them in a circuit, move on to the next pair … rinse repeat until you’ve completed this sweaty full-body workout.  Start your music!

Spiritual Health

Maybe there is something to be said about having a good scream.  Just be sure to check who is around.

Mental & Emotional Health

Humor is not just about being funny.  it is connected to your emotional states.  Sure, being happy, but also contentment and mindfulness.

Social Health

When you meet a special someone and you think they might be THE ONE, some important topics should be discussed and see where you both land, and how compatible your values really are.

Be your best, friends


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