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Be your Best Wellness Newsletter #280

"Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh Posts from Happy Monday! Happy Halloween, if you celebrate. Wherever in the world you may roam, you will find Pringles. We’ve had some outstanding family "discussions" on best flavors. Thoughts? New recipe: Cake! Probably one of the easiests you'll ever make but no one will ever know! Comparing ourselves to others is human nature, but it is also not an act that will bring happiness. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health Eat Well You just had an A M A Z I N G workout. Now, what to eat to promote recovery? Be Active Connecting with a friend while getting your steps in is a win-win situation; Consider a walk-and-talk next time your friend reaches out for a chat. Let's move! Very quick, very effective full body workout. Do 4 rounds of the following: 20 squat jumps before dropping straight into 10 push-ups (from your toes or your knees). Rest for 20 seconds. Next do 30 high knees followed by 10 burpees. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat for 4 rounds. Start your music! Spiritual Health Sometimes those little things really are freaking amazing. Mental & Emotional Health Keep that brain sharp sharp sharp.

Social Health You know what is amazing about marriage/long-term relationships? Every second after that 'I do' takes work and effort. And, more, every second gives you the opportunity to question your decision to walk down the aisle in the first place. Are you in a place where you are not clicking as well?

Try this to reconnect: Deliberately take the time to consider: Remember what you loved about your partner at the beginning of your relationship.

Take some time to ask yourself, 'What attracted me to my partner?

What helped me fall in love in the first place?

What are some things I said or did but don't anymore?

What are some things they said or did but don't do anymore?

Are these things I still experience or notice with my partner?’

If you can identify these things, look for them in your relationship again. Slowly, the positive energy and focus will flow in again. Be your best, friends s

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