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Be your Best Wellness Newsletter #276

Man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve.” ~ Erich Fromm

Quick note: I am working on my iPad, and my formatting might be a bit off.

Posts from This really stuck with me. Sharing this not to shame mothers or diss on Sephora. Rather to highlight how much what we say and do as parents profoundly impacts kids, and yet how amazingly brilliant our kids are for seeing through our insecurities. Happy Monday. Today’s link is going to help you expand your vocabulary: new words officially entered into the dictionary. Apparently, “bussin’” is actually a legit word, not just slurring. Huh, who knew? Resharing a favorite cracker recipe: Harissa Cheddar goodness, and as a slice-and-bake option, this comes together easily, no rolling pin involved. Share some with your friends the next time you all gather. Interactions with teens can be explosive. A few suggestions to ease away from that volcanic eruption and hopefully move towards more enjoyable communication. Wellness News Around the 'Net Physical Health

Eat Well

The secret to six pack abs? What you put in your mouth and not how many sit-ups you can do.

Be Active

If you are not one who exercises regularly, it can feel intimidating to move into that space. It may seem 'easier' to find excuses for why it won't work right now to be more active. How about we help you rethink those excuses?

Let's move!

This timer includes supersets to really get your heart rate up. Start your music!

Spiritual Health

What makes us truly happy?

Mental & Emotional Health

Have you tuned in to the workload our kids are carrying in schools, especially as they near the end of their high school career? It's unreal. Here, relaxation and stress-management skills for them, too.

Social Health Tea with strangers and time spent alone with yourself - both equality important and fascinating. Being Alone — Ankit Shah Be your best, friends


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