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Be your Best Wellness Newsletter #275

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." ~ A. A. Milne Posts from

This is at the same time enlightening and breaks my heart. Social media interactions are a different kind of important to our kids than they are to us.

Happy Monday! Take the US map, and look at some of the other features that we can see, like most common last name, noise level and how likely residents are to say the word "dang".

New recipe: Take that shrimp and broccoli up a notch with this easy weeknight option. Shown here with last week's outstanding sauce.

Guest post highlighting specific ways you can positively impact your kids’ wellness.

Wellness News Around the 'Net

Physical Health Eat Well Growl! Sez your tummy and your brain and your mouth. What is ‘hangry’ and what can we do about it?

Be Active Hiit can help fight Alzheimer’s. Another reason to get out there and get a good sweat on! Let's move! If you have a jump rope, grab it. otherwise, just rotate your arms by your sides in a jump rope fashion. You can even grab small hand towels or something else small to swing around, jump-rope-fashion to get a good burn in your arms. It will help distract you with the burn you will likely feel in the rest of your body! Start your music! Spiritual Health You definitely do not have to climb to the top of a mountain to find your zen. As little as 10 minutes a day can make a positive difference in your mind, mood and spirit,

Mental & Emotional Health Achieving happiness is not always doable. Seeking and having fun, though, is 100% achievable, and really good for your well-being.

Social Health Sometimes the best response is to not say anything at all. Be your best, friends


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