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Be your Best Wellness Newsletter #274

"A little less shame and guilt over things you enjoy is probably the healthiest thing in the world." ~ Adam Bornstein

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Happy Monday! Personally, I love all aspects of being in/near/around bodies of water. One enjoyable way to enjoy water is skipping stones; I had no idea stone skipping was competitive, but ... here you go.

New recipe: Tangy, herby green sauce that you will love to put on pretty much everything.

New post: Hey friend! An important question: What of your to-do list is actually necessary? What can we simplify?

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Physical Health Eat Well Eating less to lose weight is not the best way to improve one’s health. AND BMI is not an indicator of health. Be Active Exercise 'snacks' are very very doable, and have a big positive impact. Let's move! 5 moves, twice through. Five moves, though, means once on each side ... Simple math! Start your music! Spiritual Health Go for a walk. Reintroduce you to you. No earbuds or phones necessary, thanks. Mental & Emotional Health So here's the thing: that skill you give your kids, helping them name their emotions, and use their words? Works for you, too. Social Health Exercise your social muscles. Be your best, friends


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